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The Lemon Garage

Low Friction Rings.

Low Friction Rings.

Normaalihinta €8,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €8,00 EUR
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LFRs, designed by Lemon Garage. Comes in various size and colors, fit for your use and preference.

Material: Aluminum with anodised colors

Dimensions (A x B, C) & Weight:

3.5mm x 2mm, 4mm - 0.25g

5mm x 4mm, 6mm - 1g

7mm x 5mm, 8mm - 2g

10mm x 7mm, 12mm,  - 8g

14mm x 10mm, 15mm - 18g

20mm x 14mm, 22mm - 60g

25mm x 17mm, 27mm - 95g

29mm x 20mm, 31mm - 150g

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