The Lemon Garage


We reckon this is what we have been asked the most, so let's start off with this.

Informal definition: a person or thing that proves to be defective, imperfect, or unsatisfactory.

Which obviously isn't our case, but just embracing the irony! We think..

The GARAGE part is probably self-explanatory enough..


The idea for Lemon Garage was ignited in the summer of 2021, after weeks of moth froth at the Moth Worlds in Lake Garda. Fuelled with experience from the last Olympic campaigns, the realisation hit of just how many areas could be improved on boat performance and who else would be better to do that than us, the sailors.

"Made by sailors, for sailors"

Before we knew it, we were working on CAD software to design our ideas and finding ways to produce them. And within a few weeks we already had our first prototype in hands. The excitement of having made our own bits just took off and Lemon Garage is thriving with over ten original and optimized sailing products available!

Out of an initial idea to make bits and pieces for personal use, came the realization that ideas are more fun when shared! And to commit to constant improvement, the more feedback, the better the product and the happier the sailors. Win-win!

"Comfort, drag, weight, functionality and simply the look"

Our pieces are a product of the colaboration with many sailors that are on top of their game in different classes to absorb their ideas and find out where we can make improvements for them. Resulting in a curated small selection of products, all better than their market alternatives in either comfort, drag, weight and/or functionality. Plus they look good, which some say is a must!

"Reuse & Recycle"

Our environment is very important to both us and our sport community. While sailing is reliant on nature, and as full-time sailors we are all quite good at keeping this in mind, we would be kidding ourselves to claim we are not having an impact on our environment.

Hence we are working on making ourselves as sustainable as possible, and learning on the go. For now, we won't claim to be completely sustainable, but we emphasise that this is one of our main goals to achieve.

We are however doing what we can for now and finding ways to reuse material and minimize waste. Such as recycling old sails into bags, which are used for packaging our AIRY. And being systematic and structured on our way of doing things, to optimize production with minimal residual waste.

The end.


Tara Pacheco - ESP Olympic Team
    3 x Olympian 2012 - 2016 - 2020   
World Champion 
   European Champion